Much of my photography focuses on shifting relationships in water, where boundaries between real and reflected are fluid.

This series began as I wandered in woods and swamps, looking for water with intriguing juxtapositions and ambiguities. I was drawn to scenes with rich surface texture, reflected light and pattern, and layered plant material, loosely interwoven with water. I felt as if I was photographing water tapestries.

Over time it evolved into more intentional work; I went from searching for water tapestries in nature to creating them at home.

I’ve long been a passionate gardener, surrounded by plants that I nurture from seed, adopt from friends and family, train up trellises, and add to the compost pile. So as summer came and went, I did photo shoots in my garden. I made a ritual of gathering a handful of buds, petals, leaves and seedpods and scattering them over a basin of water. I took photographs as I watched them bob and sink, gently floating into and away from each other.

The process of creating water tapestries in my garden weaves together vital strands of my creative life. The botanica mingling in the water and the sky and trees reflected there are old friends, seen in new ways. And ephemera from the garden I’ve left behind bring texture and color – and live on – in my photography.

I enjoy making triptychs with these images, adding another level of relationships in the same intuitive way that I garden. I play around with compositional flow, experimenting with rhythm and balance, looking for placement that feels right.

Throughout this series I explore the tension between fluid and fixed, visible and invisible, control and serendipity, what is passing and what is to come.

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